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Killer Moths, Deadly Bugs, Sex Guides, Oscar And Out

by | 28th, July 2007



“An epidural cost me five years of my motherhood”- Start the week with Lisa Mann and her daughter Jessica

“Middle-class children ‘are more likely to be overweight’” – Says International Journal of Obesity, and a Filipino maid called Monica

“MOTH MENACE! A plague of insects is laying waste to English oaks. Now the fightback has begun…using hairspray and flamethrowers” – Death to the Italian oak processionary moth


Taps run dry, power is cut…and there’s worse to come” – curse that EU weather machine

“One can of pop a day ‘raises heart risk’” – University of Boston looks at fizzy drinks

The Numbers:
“30 – The percentage of heart attack victims who die before reaching hospital” – the lucky ones who don’t have to catch a hospital superbug

“20 – The percentage of men over the age of 50 who will suffer form osteoporosis”

“Hidden scar that blights my son’s life. Max looks like any boisterous 11-year-old – but a head injury six years ago, which left no visible damage, has had devastating consequences that grow crueller by the day”


“1,000 SUPERBUG VICTIMS A WEEK” – Stomach bug Clostridium difficile on the march. It’s the “deadly hygiene failure”

“Today’s Guides want a badge in safe sex”- Sewing. Cooking. Home-making. Ging-gang-gooly – A survey of 1,000 Guides finds they want to learn how to mange debt, assemble flat-pack furniture and not fall pregnant on the annual jamboree

“AS EU CONSTITUTION REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN…It’s back and more dangerous that ever” – Run! Don’t walk. From peaceful post-war Europe

“Bill Oddie’s daughter reveals how metal illness nearly destroyed her father”



McCanns victim of web hate campaign” – People ask questions on websites

“The diesel fumes that can be deadly”- Don’t inhale trucks


“How a single smoke raises danger of mental illness by 40 per cent – CANNABIS: RISK IN ONE JOINT” – Jacqui Smith… The paper is talking to you, Jacqui Smith…

“Diabetes drugs ‘double heart risk’” – study looks at Avandia and Actos drugs

“Danger of losing too much weight after giving birth” – Researchers from Coombe Women’s Hospital, Dublin, say new mother should eat


“I’ve just turned 40 and yes, it’s the root canal of birthdays! (Painful. No one wants to face it…but it won’t kill you)” – Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren Booth talks about her teeth

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