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The Tour De France Dies After A Long Illness

by | 28th, July 2007

syringe.jpgREMEMBER when English cricket died? No drugs. It just gave up. now the Tour de France is dead. Quelle domage. As the Economist notes:

In response to the latest scandal France Soir published a mock notice saying the Tour had died “at age 104, after a long illness”. Libération insisted that “The Tour must be stopped”. But none of this should be so surprising. Last year’s “winner”, America’s Floyd Landis, failed a drug test taken after a similar amazing turnaround of fortunes. He is currently contesting the stripping of his title in the courts. Many previous tours have been marred as favourites and teams were withdrawn or booted out after investigations turned up evidence of drug misuse. Many former riders have attested to the widespread misuse of performance-enhancing measures.

Why not let them all use drugs, whatever drugs they want? Might be fun to watch…

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