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Alex Hilton For MP: Tim Worstall Observes

by | 30th, July 2007

ALEX Hilton, blogger known to Anorak, wants to be an MP in Liverpool. His aims are outlined here. We wish him every success.

But one time Anorak contributor Tim Worstall sees a problem:

Writes Hilton: The minimum wage must be raised to the level of a decent living wage and the “discounted” rate for younger workers must be abolished. No one in a full-time job should be on the breadline.

Writes Worstall: Difficult to know whether this is simply political grandstanding (Look! free money!) or actual ignorance. But Hilton’s suggestion to reduce poverty is to increase the number out of work. Excellent, don’t you think?

Do people still eat bread, what with wheat allergies…

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