Anorak News | 44: Mike Bloomberg, Frank Moore, John Taylor Bowles, Lanakila Washington

44: Mike Bloomberg, Frank Moore, John Taylor Bowles, Lanakila Washington

by | 30th, July 2007

brown-bush.jpgIN the snoozefest that is the 2008 Presidential election, America’s newspapers are fixated on the handful of frontrunners from among the Democratic and Republican parties. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

It would be a damn sight more interesting if they turned their gaze on some of the independent candidates. And we don’t mean New York’s bashful billionaire mayor Mike “2008” Bloomberg.

There’s Frank Moore, the Californian performance artist with cerebral palsy who specializes in erotic works that often involve him or his subjects taking off most of their clothes. Frank wants to institute a flat tax of 10% on annual income under $1 million and to cut the military budget in half. Go Frank.

Then there’s John Taylor Bowles, of South Carolina, the Swastika-toting National Socialist Movement candidate with the devil-may-care attitude who blew half his possible votes by declaring himself the “white people’s candidate” and telling prospective non-white voters to find themselves their own candidate. (Check out the National Socialists’ flashy website too. Nast-eh)

Wouldn’t a presidential debate between these volks, erm, I mean folks, be a lot more interesting?

We could throw in Martin Luther King impersonator Lanakila Washington who does a great line in love, happiness, freedom and peace. Praise the Lord.

And add the very serious Steve Adams who is trying to position himself as a man of the people. But we’re not fooled by that couch Steve. Or that stirring music. Oh no. We will not be swayed. We will not be bought. We will never surrender. Goddamnit Steve. You and your fellow independents will never take us alive.

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