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Madeleine McCann Gets Cracker Princess Diana Treatment

by | 31st, July 2007

maddie_hampden.jpgMORE news on Madeleine McCann. No, she’s not been found. No, someone has not been charged with her kidnap.

The Express will not let something so recherché as news impact upon its coverage of the missing child.

“MADELEINE,” says the headline across its front page:

Specially trained British police fly in

Portuguese detectives have cancelled all leave

Investigation at critical stage.

Madeleine McCann is getting the Princess Diana treatment. Each day brings more speculation and the promise of something different, or at least a new theory and with it a reason to show Madeleine.

Readers can deal with each point in turn. First up, “Cracker-style” psychologists are heading over to the Algarve. They will try to establish a likely “psychological profile” for Madeleine’s “kidnapper”. Cracker is, of course, the obese, sweaty-necked TV cop. The Express thinks nothing of merging true crime with TV drama. Both sell newspapers.

Of course, British police have already been in Portugal. Back in May, the Sun cheered as British coppers journeyed to the Algarve, including Detective Superintendent Graham Hill, attached to the Child Exploitation and Protection Centre. Hill was on the case. The Portuguese cops, branded as bungling, were ignorant of paedophile-panic. Hill and the British tabloid press would teach them.

And British police have helped the investigation. They have interviewed 490 holidaymakers who were in the resort of Praia da Luz when “the kidnap” took place. More than 2,500 inquires have been processed.

These new Crackers are “experts in the predatory behaviour of paedophiles and child abusers.” They have helped police catch “serious sex offenders”.

And now they are over there. But with paedo-panic cranked right up, British defences are depleted.

(The Times brings news: “Rise in number of sex offenders ‘is swamping supervision service’.” The story is accompanied by a picture of a man watching a child on a swing. Police officers have lost track of 322 registered sex offenders. The sex offender watchlist has been amended to include: outraging public decency, theft, burglary with intent, child abduction and harassment where it could be proved that the crime was sexually motivated.)

The Parents 

But the McCann investigation is at a critical stage, says the Express, something it has been telling us for weeks. We should let them go. The McCanns need them more than we do, for now.

And here come Kate and Gerry McCann, living what we are told is every parent’s worst nightmare – a nightmare the British press feed.

The Express hears reports that the McCanns’ relationship is under strain. But it says this is not so. “Gerry adores Kate, and she adores him,” says Madeleine’s grandmother, Eileen McCann.

Gerry McCann is dropping his sister Trisha off at the airport. It is an “emotional farewell”. Eileen McCann says Kate McCann is “really down”.

The Express watches her pass. It shows readers her face. Is she cracking up? The Express zooms in. It cares about the McCanns. It wants to show readers the truth.

So we look. But we see no change…

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