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Big Brother: Chanelle Cries Off And Ziggy’s Halfway Decent

by | 31st, July 2007

chanelle-walks.jpg“ZIGGY humiliated me on national TV,” says Chanelle Hayes in the Star. “I couldn’t take any more.”

“He treated me like sh*t and made me look an idiot. I can’t live in the same house as him. I’ve made a fool of myself.”

So Chanelle flounces out. And into a lad’s mage dressed in a thong and whipped cream.

And Ziggy goes into the halfway house.

Reading from a set of instructions immediately after his entrance into the main house, David announces: “Please welcome your new housemates David and Kara-Louise. But there is a price to pay for their arrival.

“To make room, one of you must leave the Big Brother house. Housemates, you will decide which one of you this is. The person you choose will immediately…move into the halfway house as a halfway housemate. There is no guarantee that they will ever return to the main Big Brother house.”

Ziggy is desperate to look like the good guy. He falls on his sword and offers himself up for relocation. “Actually, you know what? I’d like to take it…I’ll do it, seriously. Seriously…choose me,” says he. Adding: “I feel better ‘cos of what’s happened today and…maybe it’s better for me.”

Ziggy is guilty of caddish behaviour and must go, or so he thinks. But he’s no cad. All Ziggy did was have a summer fling and then find himself living with the girl.

And now he’s doing his penance. And he is in a halfway house with:

Jonty: Oh dear. Jonty looks like the type of man who might be found in a real halfway house, or on sprawling housing estate watching Hollyoaks in the City with a sweaty finger on the pause button.

Amy: So much less then the sum of her tight shorts and cleavage. Amy is a glamour model by trade. She revealed this to Liam, whose eyes lit up as if someone had shoved a 20watt love wand in his ears.

Shanessa: “I’m 27 and never been kissed,” says Shanella. Why, because it’s extra?

This is Ziggy’s burden. And this is Chanelle laughing and then wondering what Victoria Beckham would do…

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