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Signing For The Dole

by | 31st, July 2007

DIZZY asks: Where do I buy my dole money from?

So my befuddlement about the Government, or more specifcally, the taxman, calling me a “customer” is documented already, but I’ve just received a press release that has knocked me over. It’s from the Department for Work and Pensions about the Postal strikes and says,

During the industrial action by Royal Mail staff from 30 July until 8 August payments to a small minority of customers will be affected.

The vast majority of customers have their payment made directly into a bank or building society account. These payments will not be affected and will be paid into accounts as normal.

Customers who are paid by cheque will not receive their payment through the post to their home address during the dispute. Instead, cheques will be sent by courier to the Post Office nearest to their home address.

So now, not only are you called a customer when you pay the taxman, but if you’re on bloody benefits taking free money from the state you’re a customer too? Seriously, being a customer implies that you are purchasing goods or services. Remind me, where is the purchase in the benefit claim? Or are they offsetting the tax payments as the “purchase” in order to define people who take tax credits as customers?

Yes yes, I know this sounds awfully ranty, but come on, if you’re on the dole you’re not a bloody customer of the DWP. You’re an unemployed person, probably with Sky (but not the movies package just yet).

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