Anorak News | Shanessa Leads Ziggy In Big Brother’s Merry Dance

Shanessa Leads Ziggy In Big Brother’s Merry Dance

by | 1st, August 2007

shanessa.jpg“CHANELLE fans target love rat,” says the Star’s front page. This is “BIG BRO ZIGGY’S DEATH THREAT.”

Were Shanessa, Jonty or Amy fans of Chanelle we would surely fear for Ziggy’s safety. But they are not. And it remains to be seen how Chanelle’s fans intend to get at the former boybander.

And there is the oddness that Chanelle has fans. And are her fans also fans of Victoria Beckham? And is Victoria Beckham now a fan to Chanelle’s? Is she going to get Ziggy, offing him with a deadly blow from a shopping bag or Day-vid’s Alice band?

And might it be that now Ziggy’s on the Halfwit house he would welcome sweet, glorious death. Anything but a lapdance from Shanessa.

And what is it with lapdancers from horrorshow girls?

Last year we peered through webbed fingers as Lea treated Glyn to premature osteoporosis. And now we have seen Shanessa offering 36-year-old virgin Jonty a taste of sex. He did well not to gag.

Ziggy may yet fall upon his own sword. Or Amy…

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