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Kate Moss: Pete Doherty’s Smack-‘n’-Tell, Day 2

by | 1st, August 2007

pete_doherty_police.jpgDAY Two of the Pete Doherty smack-‘n’-tell of his romance with Kate Moss and Pete is taking up the threads of his tale. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

And here’s Pete on the Sun’s front page. The paper is in a state of trenchant moral indignation. And here’s Pete rolling a crack pipe from a miniature spirit bottle (for more information on this go to

Yesterday Pete was talking to the Mirror. It was Kate’s favourite paper and he was reaching out to her across the newsagent’s counter.

Now he’s in the Sun, which might be Kate’s second favourite paper or the one she buys on Wednesdays.

“Dating Kate was like the Vietnam war,” says Pete in the Sun. (Dontcha just love the small of a crack pipe in the morning, readers?)

“I was always dodging bullets,” says Pete, oddly afraid of being shot up. “The last six weeks of our relationship were bad,” he confides. Vietnam Vets nod in agreement. “We had one massive bust-up and carried it on from there.” More nodding.

But Pete wants her back. Yesterday he was telling the Mirror that she had dumped him and that he loves her to bits.

But that was in the Mirror, Kate’s tabloid of choice. In the Sun Pete says it was he who dumped her. “Why would I want her back?” he asks.

At a guess, we’d say to seek her advice as to how he can pay his debts of £180,000, remain famous and get blood stains out of his one good hat.

But it is because Pete knows the pain of heartbreak. Pete does not speak to his mother Jacqueline after she “betrayed” him by writing a book on his life.

Says Pete: “Me and mum are not on speaking terms after she wrote a book about me. It kills me. I love her but things are strained and difficult just now.

“I felt a bit betrayed, to be honest, about what she did,” says Pete in the Mirror and in the Sun…

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