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Live Stock: Channel 4’s Sue Turton Makes News

by | 1st, August 2007

oxfordshire_floods.jpgTHE news is all set-ups, telegraphed wit and scripts. What the TV news needs is spontaneity.

What it needs is a man happening upon Channel 4’s Sue Turton and injecting some passion. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

Sue is talking to viewers live from Osney Island, Oxford. The area has been hit by floods and it is vital Turton appears live on the scene to show viewers the brown water and what sandbags look like.

Turton is, of course, arrived after the flood. The big news story of the bursting river banks and torrential downpour has passed. She has missed the scoop.

But not the pinch. As the Mail says on its front page: “Newsgirl who was ‘goosed’ live on air.” The Mirror says “Here is the goose”, and the Sun delivers “Live telly ’gooser’ is facing bum rap”.

The Sun says police are set to “pinch” the man who approached Turton from the rear and adapting finger and thumb into a beak-like design nipped Turton’s trousered backside.

The Mail says police have mounted an investigation. They want to trace the phantom tweaker and push an £80 fine for breaching public order into his perverted grip.

Members of Turton’s news crew gave chase but the gooser evaded them. And now Turton is making the news she once only reported on. She is very much in tune with her craft.

Says she: “I’ve no desire to punish this man through the courts. But I did wonder if I accepted such behaviour without complaint what hope do women who are groped in public have in this way have of any recourse. I personally found the matter quite humiliating and somewhat disrespectful to the plight of those I was reporting about.”

It should not go unsaid that Miss Turton is a serious journalist and not creating a spoof report, a parody of actual news. She really does say these things.

She continues: “Some may say I’m being prudish. It’s true I’ve been in much more threatening situations throughout my reporting career, but they were in far-flung places where personal space isn’t a priority”.

Says Turton, standing on one of the drier pavements in Oxford with a film crew. Live! More after the ad breaks…

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