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Hazel Blears’ Register Of Members’ Interests

by | 1st, August 2007

DIZZY takes a look at La Blears’ record:

It’s always fun reading the Register of Members’ Interests just to see what new and exciting stuff our lords and master have been doing. One of the recent additions to note is under the chipmunk’s Hazel Blears’ entry.

On the 24th July this year she registered a personal donation from Lorian Properties Ltd, Lancashire. Now this may, or may not be the same 10,000 personal donation she registered with the Electoral Commission on the 30th May.

It’s impossible to know really until 30 days from today when, if it is a additional donation, she will have to register it with the Commission. For now the benefit of the doubt should be applied that it is probably the same donation.

Who is Lorian Properties Ltd though? Well, as the name suggests they are in property, and a bit of searching suggests they are property developer. They were, according to the company report I found incorporated in 1994, and their accounts have lots of zeros in them suggesting they don’t really do a lot.

Of note though is that there sole shareholder, who was issued with 100 shares at 1 a share is Brian Scowcroft of Cumbria. This is the same Brian Scowcroft of Sunday Times Rich List and Swinton Insurance fortune fame. A major property developer in the north of England and sponsor of an academy school in Carlisle.

There is nothing wrong with that of course, but what a stoke of luck it was for Lorian that Hazel Blears was reshuffled to be Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and effectively put in charge of the Government’s new house building plans.

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