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The BBC Is Just Making Tabloid TV

by | 1st, August 2007

THE Queen was filmed storming into a room but it was made to look like she was storming out. Read about her meeting with a US photographer here in Annie Horribilis.

We learnt about it in the tabloids. There was much umbrage and theĀ  BBC was brought to book. But so what? It’s just tabloid telly.

Dominic Lawson in the Indy writes:

After a fortnight of executive grovelling and dumping by the BBC, there are some signs of a fightback: in yesterday’s Independent the chairman of the independent production body PACT, Alex Graham, protested that “when a TV company distorts the truth , they are hung out to dry. When a newspaper does it, it’s just another day at the office.”

There is something in Mr Graham’s complaint: many of the newspapers which have been most critical of the way in which the BBC unwittingly stitched up Her Majesty the Queen are themselves without peer in the twisting of facts to fit a preconceived script. This, however, is very well understood by the public: that is why it has become commonplace to say that “you can’t believe anything you read in the papers.” That is why, when opinion polls are commissioned on this matter, red-top newspapers are shown to have a dramatically lower level of public trust than that enjoyed by the television networks.

Thanks to the new media you can now argue with the old media…

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