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New York: New Man, New Woman, Brave New World

by | 1st, August 2007

LIBERALS know best. You New Yorkers vill do as you are told. You vill feed from ze bosom at all times. You vill not smoke. You vill do as instructed. Alles klar!

(CBS) NEW YORK First they moved against smoking, and then trans fats. Now, city health officials are taking on the bottle — as in a baby’s bottle.

On Tuesday they announced a new campaign to promote breastfeeding instead of using formula.

Baby bottles beware. City hospitals don’t want you around. Instead, they want infants to eat at Mom’s instead.

“We’re producing it. Why not give it to the baby,” new mother Mashia Nelson said.

“It was just the diaper bag and formula information and formula and we don’t do that here anymore,” Nelson said.

You won’t see any posters or promotional materials for formula. They’ve been banned at this hospital and 10 other New York City hospitals.

Any one else rather be born Russian?

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