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Iraq War Costs £2,000 A Second

by | 2nd, August 2007

us-embassy.jpgMORE than £2,000 a second – that’s what the Iraq war is costing the US and the UK taxpayer. (Pic: Beau Bo D’Or)

It should make us all feel proud and honoured that our hard-earned cash is bringing freedom, prosperity and peace to the Iraqi people. But will we ever get so much as a “thank you”? I doubt it. The sheer cheek of some people!

Washington’s Congressional Budget Office has estimated that £250billion has been spent on combat operations in Iraq with the total increasing by an incredible £5billion every month. Britain is currently coughing up £80million a month, which despite looking quite paltry compared to the US figures, still works out at £31 a second.

Analysts in Washington claim that the war could eventually cost over £500billion and the Mail is quick to put his figure in perspective, saying that America recently pledged £18million to the UN refugee agency, an amount that would pay for less than three hours of military operations in Iraq.

John Spratt, chairman of the US House Budget Committee, says: “We’re actually spending more and more each year on the war. It’s an ominous indication the costs are continuing to rise.”

Let’s hope peace-loving Gordon Brown can get us out of this unholy mess. Oh, wait a sec, he was one of the guys who put us in it in the first place, wasn’t he?

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