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Princess Diana Plays Up With George Clooney As Al Fayed

by | 2nd, August 2007

george-clooney.jpg“DIANA,” says the Express. “Fury over Princess’s intimate love boat pictures.”

For this bulletin on the life and afterlife of Diana, the Princess of Hearts wears gold hooped earrings and her blonde hair in a light curl.

“Film of Diana’s last days on love boat ‘is a travesty’,” says another headline.

This development stems on the television show Diana: Last Days Of A Princess. In light of yesterday’s news that ITV was caught faking the advertised death of Malcolm Pointon, 66, a victim of Alzheimer’s, we wonder if Diana is not dead, merely the unwilling victim of a cynical marketing ploy by TV executives.

Sure, the funeral of the celebrity princess was good box office, but this news is something else. The Express tunes into the show and hears it alleged that Diana colluded with the Press to create that picture of her in a clinch with Dodi Fayed.

Diana was in St Tropez. The Express recalls the moment and that Diana was wearing a black and white swimsuit. She stayed a while on the Fayed’s yacht. And sat in the Fayed speedboat.

True Love 

Diana did not help with the making of this docudrama, nor Dodi. But actors Genevieve O’Reilly and Patrick Baladi did pretend to be real people in the throes of mad passionate love.

For those of you who have not seen the show, the Operation Paget Report made flesh and gems, the drama is interlaced with contributions from nodding heads, including Dodi’s father Mohamed Al Fayed (“The sanctuary [Diana] found with my family was a tremendous comfort to her”).

The real and the unreal are merged. This was ever so in television. How can it ever be different? Would the audience looking for entertainment stand for the truth, with words left un-adapted to fit the narrative?

But Mohamed al Fayed is unimpressed. “Suggestions that she was simply acting for the Press are clearly untrue,” says he. “Also grotesque was the actor chosen to play me. It is racial caricaturing – and that is insulting. So the producers think that all Egyptians resemble gorillas.”

The answer may be for Fayed to produce his own real version of those events. In his docudrama Princess Diana: She was Fuggin’ Murdered I Tells You, George Clooney could reprise the role of the Fayed patriarch, Matt Damon is his son Dodi, a young Grace Kelly plays Diana and The Royal Family are brought to life by various surviving members of the Third Reich…

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