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Flogging The Dead Donkey: Sue Turton’s Malaysian Whipping Boys

by | 2nd, August 2007

tab-hunter-spanking-natalie-wood.jpgWHO’D be Denis Norden?

When does a TV outtake stop being funny and enter in the area of abuse?

We speak, of course, of Chanel 4 news presenter Sue Turton and the incident involving her backside.

Rufus Burdett, married and aged 37, has been charged with causing a public order offence. It is said that Mr Burdett did approach Turton from the rear and goose her.

Ms Turton’s reaction can be read here. She argues that the goosing demeans the victims of the floods. It is beyond parody.

Says Mr Burdett: “I don’t go around pinching girls’ bums all the time but I thought it was a way of throwing a spanner in the work’s for a few minutes.

“I thought it would brighten up the situation.”

A straw poll of the Anorak typing pool suggests a divided nation. One half senses the spirit of the Blitz and how Burdett is keeping hope afloat in dire times. The other half wants Burdett flogged to within an inch of his life and then keel-hauled through the drowned streets of Oxford.

For a sample of what Burdett might expect the Mail looks at life for goosers and drug dealers in Malaysia.

Readers are treated to the sight of man secured to the whipping tree. Mail readers may thrill to such a scene but it is not meant to be recreational. This is punishment.

The dispenser of justice arrives brandishing a rotan stick – a bamboo-like cane. He delivers 20 blows to the prisoner’s bare buttocks. The Mail records the images. They are raw and bloody.

The Malaysian authorities have posted the video on the internet. The Mail tells readers where the video can be located.

Anorak took up the offer. It is not safe for viewing at work and may necessitate going into darkened cellar or dungeon area.

M Burdett should worry. Flogging is not too good for the likes of him…

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