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Get Your Madeleine McCann Insurance

by | 3rd, August 2007

jail-child.gif“ARE your kids safe,” says the Sun’s Fergus Shanahan. This question comes equipped with a picture of Madeleine McCann.

“Perhaps you’re lying on the beach. Or around the hotel pool.” Reading the Sun. Eating burgers and beans. Drinking pints of lager.

“So let me ask you: Do you know exactly where your kids are. Yes, you probably have a good idea. But can you put hand on heart and say you are utterly sure.”

You think. Well, I left them up the chimney…

The Sun’s man with a column goes on to say that the panic now gripping your heart is akin to what Gerry and Kate McCann are going through.

But there is hope. No, not that your child will be locked away in a young offender’s institution or a mid-ranking independent school with boarding facilities.

The hope is that should the kids go missing you will at least get a pay out. Added to the money saved on ice-creams, school books and fines, you are quids in.

The Express introduces readers to InsureandGo. It’s offering mums and dads the chance to inure their child. Should Armani go missing for longer than 24 hours after it has been reported to police, you qualify for ££££!

The caveats are that the child must be under 18 and the maximum windfall/ pay out if £110,000.

“We aim to give customers peace of mind when they go away,” says Perry Wilson, the company’s managing director, an adult you can trust.

“After the disappearance of Madeleine McCann we had a number of calls from concerned parents inquiring what support they would receive from their travel insurance company if their child went missing on holiday.”

So now the kind of parents who read of Madeleine McCann and think it could happen to their loved ones can go abroad assured that if Junior goes missing they can afford to mount a decent search operation.

And with £100,000 on the table, if Armani can just remain the suitcase for a few days more, the family can enjoy the sun and relax after an anxious year…

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