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The Left Attacks Boris Johnson The ‘White Supermacist’

by | 6th, August 2007

BORIS Johnson for London mayor. He won’t win. But it will be fun to watch. Although the left do seem worried. As Dizzy writes:

Looks like the angle of attack on Boris Johnson has been established then. Over the weekend we had Doreen Lawrence essentially calling him a racist because he questioned whether the Macpherson Report had done more bad than good in the Metrpolitan Police (see James Cleverly for more). Now we have the Black information Link calling him a white supremicist. I note also that Johann “I’m a member of the pill-popping whistle crew and I never make stuff up” Hari has gone for the same tactic in his article in the Independent this morning.

It’s all rather sad really, but I guess it was bound to happen that people would dig through Boris Johnson’s writings, especially the anti-political correctness writings, and make charges of racism. We sadly live in a nation now that is so devoid of thought that if one questions the Orwellian nature of thought crimes such as “hate speech” one is automatically classed as being supportive of the view that the ignorant espouse.

You only have to look at the way in which the Black Information Link has written it’s piece up to see this sort of intellectual dishonesty in action really. For them, as people of the Left, the only way to tackle bad ideas is to outlaw them and punish those for thinking the worng thing. A free societry of course should not do that ever, racism, sexism, communism, fascism and whatever other distasteful “ism” you can name should be allowed to exist and be tackled through argument.

Of course this view is not something that is popular today, because we live in a “diverse” society where the preachers of tolerance have no tolerance for that which they have decided is, as Orwell put it, unorthodox. This very post in fact may well be read by some as evidence of my secret membership of Combat 18. Such is life I guess, but it is worrying, from a purely intellectual standpoint, that discussion of these subjects are so readily closed down by the Left.

It is not until we are given permission by them that we may speak out about it. The questions about whether multiculturalism is a flawed concept are a shining example of how it works today. If one speaks out they are pariahed by the Left, then, when the Left starts saying the same things it is OK to discuss it without fear of recrimination. It’s probably one of the most depressing things about the country as a whole that our freedom to think is placed within strict boundaries of what is acceptable to the dominant intelligensia’s paradigm on any given day.

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