Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Murat ‘Cleared’, A Volvo And Urs Hans Von Aesch

Madeleine McCann: Murat ‘Cleared’, A Volvo And Urs Hans Von Aesch

by | 7th, August 2007

ylenia-lenharda.jpegBELGIAN police are searching for the owners of the black Volvo in which Madeleine McCann was removed from a Belgian restaurant.

Madeleine was spotted by Katleen Sampermans. The “33-year-old therapist is professionally qualified in child welfare”. The Express places much stock in qualifications and education – see quotidian mentions of cardiologist Gerry McCann and GP Kate – and affords more time to Ms Sampermans’ testimony.

But the car has not been found. Shame. We wonder if the Belgian police are up to the job?

“Of course we are taking this sighting seriously, because that is our job,” says Detective Houben Eddy.

There are sightings of Madeleine McCann in Spain. Sightings in Morocco. Sightings in Malta. Sightings in Wales. Police are looking for Madeleine McCann all over Europe. But no-one has found her. Are they failing? Or is it an impossible job?

And the Swiss police are looking in. Alleged child abductor Urs Hans Von Aesch has killed himself. His body is slumped in a car. He was the prime suspect in the disappearance of Ylenia Lenharda, a five-year-old Swiss girl (pictured).

The Express says Ylenia bears a “striking resemblance to Madeleine”. She does not; not unless all white children look alike.

Readers learn that Von Aesch might have been holidaying in Portugal when Madeleine McCann went missing.

They read that Ylenia vanished last Tuesday from a swimming pool in north-east Switzerland. Von Aesch was the chief suspect. He was on the run. And he shot a man. This man is in Swiss hospital. The Express cites the theory that this man had evidence on Von Aesch and was silenced.

Anorak readers may wonder where all this speculation leaves Robert Murat. He has not shot himself. He remains at large.

The Mirror talks of “mounting speculation” that she is about to be cleared.

If so, the Mirror says the “Portuguese investigation” will be back to square one. Perhaps it would have been different had a Mirror journalist not turned police on to “creepy” Murat and then announced her suspicions to the world?

If Murat is cleared, the papers will pursue him for his story. They will surely pay him for his time.

And Madeleine McCann will still be missing…

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