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Big Brother Does Charley: The Making Of A Celebrity

by | 7th, August 2007

uchea.jpgTHE Making Of A Celebrity. An Anorak masterclass. Day 2: The Deranged Fans.

Having admitted her failings and agreed to seek therapy, Charley is now in a “secret location” in Spain.

All the Star can reveal is that Charley Uchea is by a swimming pool. There is a green li-lo. She is wearing a blue and white striped bikini.

The paper would say more but there are dark forces at work. Charley is now the victim.

Victimhood is to be craved and cultivated by any wannabe celebrity. Charley might look like a hardnosed aggressor but she is in actual fact frail and open to misinterpretation.

Charley is the victim of death threats. She has been abused. Some members of the audience for Channel 4’s post-Big Brother the Friday Might Project tried to dislodge some of her hair extensions. The hair did not bite back. It too is cowed and victimised.

“It’s no shock she’s afraid to go home,” says a source. “A large number of the public hates her and some have been making their feelings clear with threats.”

These threats are not made specific. Right it is that these nasties are denied the oxygen of publicity.

We should focus on Charley. We can only hope that her pain does not become manifest in an eating disorder and bi-polarism.

Says a source: “She hopes that by going away on holiday for a few weeks it will give people a chance to calm down and forget what has happened.”

And if we must see her in a bikini, then so be it…

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