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Anti-Boris Johnson

by | 7th, August 2007

A TOFF? A fool? Blonde? A toff.

Matthew Parris writes in The Spectator:

The friends he least needs at present are the kind of Tories who start chorusing ‘bor-ing, bor-ing’ when a chap tries to get serious about bus routes.

Be very clear about this: that kind of thing could destroy Boris’s chances. One chance remark, one giggle at the expense of somebody being earnest could, with the help of the press and the Labour party, be right across London within an afternoon — and fatal. It may be very public-school, but it isn’t clever and it isn’t funny to affect disdain for bean-counters, experts and men and women for whom politics and public administration are not amusing pastimes or even ways of doing one’s bit for the nation, but the most important thing in the world.

He won’t win. We’d like him to. But he won’t…

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