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TV’s Chris Tarrant Is A Flop Says Cuckholded Wife Ingrid

by | 8th, August 2007

ingrid-tarrant.jpg“TARRANT beat me up and he needed Viagra in bed,” says “WIFE INGRID”.

The Sun’s front-page headline is rooted in the failed marriage of Chris Tarrant, TV personality, and Ingrid, his cuckolded wife.

The Sun hears Ingrid say that Chris “THUMPED” her in the face, was a “FLOP” in bed and needed “VIAGRA”.

In case readers have not grasped the nettle, a headline within the paper says: “Tarrant was a clumsy lover who couldn’t get it up and reeked of fish”.

Ingrid says Tarrant “went out of his way” to make himself repulsive in bed after he went off sex.

These are the facts. And we are in no place to refute them. What goes on behind closed doors in the family domicile is a private matter. Although what goes on when off-sex Chris is cheating on his wife with another woman is the stuff of public record.

Says Ingrid: “The biggest reason our sex life slowed in our last few years was because of Chris’s erectile dysfunction. It sounds vulgar but he had problems getting it up,” say Ingrid. Is this true? Should we ask the Tarrant mistress for her view? Did Chris just struggle with Ingrid?

The wronged wife’s right about one thing: it does sound vulgar. But facts are facts. Chris has had an affair with one Fiona McKenchie. And Ingrid may wonder how. “But the truth is I didn’t go off sex. He did,” says Ingrid.

Oh, there was that time when she had an “ovary problem”. For a few months, ten years into their marriage, she was unable to have “full sex”. Says Ingrid: “It was almost as if you massaged Chris’s willy, you massaged his ego. They went hand in glove.”

Enough! Make it stop! It is not just Chris who is being put off sex.

And we scurry to the Sun’s Page 3 to learn that Nicola (pink knickers, no bra) is “really pleased” to learn that veteran entertainer Bobby Davro has landed a part in EastEnders.

That’s better. Cancel the Viagra. Have Ingrid and Chris Tarrant removed to a more private area. And scrubbed down…

More Nicola…

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