Anorak News | Pelosi And The Democarats Get Fit for Office

Pelosi And The Democarats Get Fit for Office

by | 8th, August 2007

THE Americans love a jogging leader. A strong leader. Remerb Tony Blair on that rowing machine. did we like it. No. He looked like a fool. While Condoleeza Rice on her exercise bike looked normal:

Pelosi is set to square off against Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii), the power-lifting chairman of the House gym committee.

Abercrombie is touting his efforts to secure funding in the legislative branch spending bill to begin an estimated $8 million renovation of the House gym. The project is personally important to Abercrombie, who sets a yearly goal to bench-press 200 pounds more than his age, now 69.

“Pelosi and other Democratic leaders are not eager for a multimillion-dollar renovation of the congressional members-only gym to be one of the first accomplishments of the Democratic majority. They worry that freshman Democrats could be attacked on the campaign trail next year for approving a fancy new gym for themselves after winning office.”

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