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Off The Radar: Prince Harry’s Drug Shame

by | 9th, August 2007

princeharry.jpg “PRINCE HARRY NEW DRUGS SHAME.” (Pic: The Spine)

Prince Charles may well clack his marmalade-coated tongue, turn to his pet begonia and bemoan his ills but the Daily Sport’s front page will not be quiet.

News is that Prince Harry Baseball Cap is “at the centre of a drugs storm”.

It has been claimed that Royal police turned a “blind eye” to drug taking among Harry’s friends.

The allegations are made in Radar magazine – “Radar investigates the louche life of Prince Harry, England’s skirt-chasing, hard-partying royal pain.”

Anorak learns: “On the night his regiment flew to Iraq, a dejected Harry partied at the Syndicate, a Bristol club renowned for its Ecstasy-fueled fetes. In the following excerpt, Radar examines Harry’s party-boy antics.”

That it should come to this. Not so long ago, Harry was to lead the British troops in certain victory. As Anorak wrote, Harry would go to Iraq as planned. Our boys would be equipped with ginger Harry frightwigs and so confuse the enemy who, eager to dispatch Harry, would rush from their holes and bunkers and be slaughtered.

But now hooray for Harry is Hooray Henry, the braying, partying, decadent parasite.

A Scotland Yard spokesman tells the Sport: “We never discuss matters of royal security.”

But Radar knows. As it says:

Indeed, according to a source with contacts in the royal protection forces, Harry’s bodyguards spend much of their time intercepting bar patrons they suspect of trying to push ecstasy on the prince. In an attempt to prevent embarrassing incidents from turning up in the papers, the boys’ minders have been instructed not to inform police of drug use among the princes’ friends.

Radar rightly notes that Williams and Harry are involved in Operation Normal, the plan to show them as ordinary lads. Of course, they are nothing of the sort. Soldiers are expendable, princes less so. Prince Harry does not go to Iraq. Lads do.

A British squaddie gets killed in Iraq. Most us don’t know his name. Harry dies and there are newspaper supplements, special TV shows and questions in the house. Harry is not the same. But he is being offered ecstasy at a club, so in some ways he is like the proles.

Radar writes:

In June, Harverson arranged for both boys to appear on Dateline in a much-hyped interview with Matt Lauer, their first major appearance on U.S. television. Despite their awkward, halting performance, the episode drew high ratings. In the palace, it was seen as a huge success. Over and over, both boys emphasized their normal, unregal values. Asked by Lauer what he’d do if he weren’t a prince, Harry replied that he dreamed of being a safari guide in Africa.

Dream on. The big game is appearing normal and being minted, feted and lauded. And Harry has no chance of success…

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