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Big Brother: Amy Goes But Not As Far As Jonty

by | 9th, August 2007

amy_alexandra.jpg AMY Alexandra is 1-11 to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The glamour model is miles ahead of the market – ahead of Kara-Louise (9.6), Jonty (140) and Samanda (350).

Amy is going. She will pour her 30 litres of underwear into her bag and strut off into the pages of a lads mag.

Rumours are that now so many Big Brother housemates have stripped the newsagent’s top shelf is to be greeted by a new organ called Big Brother Babes, Evicted Escorts or, given the nature of this year’s house, Siesta.

Amy, of course, has one advantage over her naked agonists. Working as a topless stunna means the Sport and Star newspapers can produce pictures of her in underwear and not have to wait.

And we can expect more. Amy has seen the other housemates put her up for eviction. She is unimpressed at being accused of using Big Brother to further her own career – as if! – and being accused of chasing Liam because he is popular and has won £100,000.

“They think I’m a slut – that’s my job,” says Amy. “I’ve come up against this so many times in my life. As for the money thing, I don’t struggle for money.”

Indeed. All Amy need do for cash is remove her top and suck a finger. Easy.

Almost anyone can do it, even Jonty – there is, we are assured, a magazine for everyone.

But Jonty is more than a piece of meat. Jonty’s is the voice of reason. He may look like the kind of man who spends his days watching Big Brother Uncut and Hollyoaks In the City, but he is a sensitive soul.

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“New people have come in,” he tells Amy and Kara-Looo. “It saves them having to nominate each other for another week. That’s it for us.”

He’s right. Amy will go. Then Kara-Loo. But he is right only to a point. Jonty is entertaining company and Anorak thinks he will last longer than Tracey and may be even beyond that.

Tracey is out to 170 to win the show. “What you see is what you get,” says Tracey. This is one of her stock phrases. The others are “’ave it” and “”I’m Tracey, deal with it!”

If you bought a doll from a toy shop, pulled the sting and it said only three things you’d take it back or throw it into wardrobe and close the door. Surely there is more to Tracey. But we fear not.

She is what she is. Deal with it. Back her to go – but not go as a far as Amy…

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