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Iraqi Translators: Positions Vacant

by | 9th, August 2007

THE Times is taking this idea very seriously I see, writes Tim Worstall:

The Government’s tactic is the oldest one: bleating that if an exception is made for the interpreters then other Iraqis who have worked for the British will demand entry to the UK. The floodgates would be opened, it says. The numbers have already risen from 15,000 on Tuesday to 20,000 yesterday. Home Office figures about the numbers of potential refugees are as reliable as President Bush’s claims that Saddam had nuclear weapons. Either way, we invaded Iraq in the name of freedom and democracy, words that for the interpreters now prove to be empty.

So, Prime Minister, unlike the heroic Swede [Raoul Wallenberg- Tim] you need no physical courage to save the lives of those under sentence of death. There is no reason to wait until autumn to decide the interpreters’ fate. Raoul Wallenberg would have done the right thing. Will you?

Very seriously:

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