Anorak News | Wooing Leonardo DiCaprio’s Vote: George Clooney Decided

Wooing Leonardo DiCaprio’s Vote: George Clooney Decided

by | 9th, August 2007

ONE man, one vote. But the celebrity endorsement brings kudos. Says Leonardo DiCaprio:

“I’m waiting for the right questions to be asked, and for these candidates to give really clear responses to what they’re going to do in a tangible way – not a lot of rhetoric,” he said. “I want to hear hardcore facts.”

George Clooney knows:

In the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, Damon is supporting the Democrat contender Barack Obama. “[George] Clooney called him and said, ‘Senator, I’d like to support you in any way I can, including staying home – because you never know how the Right in our country is going to characterize or characterize [one’s] participation.'”

Millionaire film stars talking to millionaire politicians about the good of the people. Anyone else feel slightly queasy?

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