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Lord Lucan Found: Now For Madeleine And Diana

by | 10th, August 2007

lord-lucan.jpgLORD Lucan has been found alive and well and living in a Land Rover in New Zealand.

The country’s most famous fugitive can now shed light on the 1974 murder of his children’s nanny, and while he’s at it let us know what happened to Shergar, Madeleine McCann and reveal his part in the murder of Princess Diana.

This is one in the eye for those who thought the Express only dealt in speculation and conspiracy. Here is a wanted man.

As the paper reports, Lord Lucan, aka the Rt hon Richard John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, now goes under the name Roger Woodgate. He owns a pet possum (possibly called Barrymore). He resides in Marton, North Island. The town is now overrun by film crews.

The mayor of region says there is “quite a resemblance” between the earl and this photographer who once worked for the Ministry of Defence.

Lucan is, as the Express says, “the man of legend and mystery”. He was officially declared dead by the High Court in 1999. He has been spotted in South Africa, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands.

In 1974, the Australian police arrested a man they believed was Lucan. It turned out to be John Stonehouse, the lively MP who had faked his suicide a month earlier.

And now we have Mr Woodgate. “I’m five inches shorter than Richard Bingham,” says he. He is also 10 years younger than the missing peer.

“As with all unsolved murders, the case remains open,” says a Scotland Yard spokesman.

And the Express is on hand to help. It will continue to profile the wanted and the missing. It will not stop until it has found a link between Lucan and Princess Diana…

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