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Big Brother Chanelle Is Edited To Return To The House

by | 10th, August 2007


At least part of the Star’s front-page headline is correct. Amy will leave the Big Brother house tonight.

Slightly out to 1.08, Amy is nonetheless a shoo-in to go. That’s 1-12.

After Charley the lapdancer and now Amy the glamour model, Big Brother should realise that the British public prefer a more demure contestant – at least until she leaves the house and poses in Big Brother Amateurs and the Star.

And here is Chanelle in the paper. She’s wearing a bikini. She’s the guest editor of the Star’s Big Brother section.

“I will walk back in the house in a flash, no worries,” says she. “When they open the door, I’ll be there waiting to go in. I just can’t wait.”

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Chanelle says the first thing she will do is wait for Ziggy to give her a kiss. She won’t have to wait long. Ziggy kisses Carole. Ziggy kisses his dog. Ziggy kisses anything. The second thing she’ll do is kiss him back.

Says Chanelle: “I think it’s so sweet that he’s pining for me.”

He’s not. Ziggy has become more likeable by the day since Chanelle waaaaalked out. He might only be 99-1 to win the show, but Ziggy is fifth favourite, ahead of Gerry (159-1) and Carole (129-1).

Ziggy is 5.4 to finish the show in the top four and that’s worth considering.

But this is not about Ziggy. This is about Chanelle. This is not about David. This is not about Shanessa. This is not about Charley. They all left within a few days of Chanelle. It is Chanelle who has become the tabloid fodder.

Chanelle is doing her first public appearance tonight. She will be at SANUK nightclub in Blackpool. Great days.

But – that’s right – she won’t be returning to the Big Brother house. News to us who have just read in the Star that she will be.

At least Chanelle is definite about one thing – Brain will win. He’s 5-4 to take the top spot.

But it’s goodbye from Amy. Unless, you’re a reader of the Daily Sport, in which case it’s a big heloooooo…

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