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Stepin Fetchit: Changing Black Role Models For Wannabes

by | 10th, August 2007

DISCUSS race honestly? No, we’ ll stick to our prejudices, says Clive Davis in the Times:

Life moves to its own mysterious rhythms. The United States has seen a stunning transformation in the way African-Americans are portrayed in the media. Stepin Fetchit, the movie stereotype of the servile, simple black man, and “coloured” people in general, have been shown the door, Oprah Winfrey is a stupendously wealthy goddess of the small screen, and one of Homer Simpson’s drinking buddies is a black guy called Carl. Yet the level of violence in inner-city ghettos has shown a marked reluctance to pay any heed to these well-meaning changes.

So it’s easy to see why some will react cynically to the new Department for Communities report. Written by the independent Reach project, the report calls for renewed efforts to create more positive influences for black teenagers who are at risk of being drawn into our ever-burgeoning network of street gangs. It wants to shift the focus “from rap stars, sports personalities and celebrities to successful businessmen, lawyers and doctors”. “Role models” is one of those limp phrases that reek of dreary, well-intentioned social services seminars. Besides, all the role models in the world won’t make any difference if our city streets are patrolled by police officers who are too busy filling in forms in order to catch offenders. Nor will they be much use if the average child in Peckham has no hope of ever finding a decent job or going to school without being stabbed.

Role models is bollocks.  I went on Sky News and was told by the presenter that Kate Moss, just seen inhaling white powders, was a role model.

The sad truth is that however hard you try you will not look as good as Moss does when off your face or sober. And you will not pull the girls, get fancy cars and millions in the bank if you carry a gun and can name all members of the Wu Tang Clan.

You will just look like a wannabe…

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