Anorak News | Culture Secretary Wants Premier League to Go For British Players

Culture Secretary Wants Premier League to Go For British Players

by | 11th, August 2007

frontpage110807_253364b.jpgDIZZY writes in “Purnell inteferes in football” how Government is trying to influence the natianal game. It can’t. Dizzy is right. This is the just the Government showing that they realise the football season is about the kick off. The Rugby World Cup gets underway soon, look out for Purnell talking about that with even less understanding:

I have to applaud the Independent this morning for its cover, I really do. They’ve decided to run with a story which appeared in the Evening Standard last night about how the Culture Secretary, James Purnell, is trying to pressure the Premier League and its clubs to spend more money on encouraging British players and to stop buying so many bloody foreigners. They’ve turned the story into a “crackdown on immigration” one which is rather amsuing.

Personally speaking I don’t think this issue has anything to do with the Government, and the gooner in the Department of Culture, Media and Sport should butt out. Football is a business working in a market. This is of course being driven by the EU who think there should be a quota system in place about how many domestic players should be in a team. At the end of the day politicians have no business interfering into how the clubs across Europe, which are private businesses, operate.

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