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You Be Illin’: Man Issues Lawsuit Against McDonald’s For Faulty Cheeseburger

by | 11th, August 2007

mcdonalds-sue.jpgWHAT is with Americans and their right to bear a subpoena? Not too long ago a Washington judge was opening his case against a local dry cleaners he accuses of losing a pair of trousers.

The cost of his claim: $54 million. He lost the case. But he still made one.

Now a man from Morgantown, Charleston, his mother and his friend are suing McDonald’s for $10 million.

One Jeromy Jackson (crazy spelling, crazy guy), in his early 20s, claims to have ordered two Quarter Pounders with no cheese at the McDonald’s eatery in Star City. He was in a car. He gave his order via a hole in a wall.

Jackson says he bit into the first hamburger and had a severe allergic reaction to the cheese melted on it.

Blessedly, he recovered and set about revaluating his life by issuing a lawsuit against the restaurant chain. He claims he was “was only moments from death”.

He hired a lawyer. “We’re interested in seeing McDonald’s take responsibility and change a systemic quality control problem that endangers the lives of up to 12 million Americans with allergies,” says lawyer Timothy Houston.

As ever, this is not only about the victim – it’s about the campaign to improve lives for ordinary, decent people who take their lives in their hands when they at fast food.

And it is not only Jeromy who has been traumatised. His mother Trela Jackson and friend Andrew Ellifritz are parties to the lawsuit because they say they risked their lives rushing Jeromy to United Hospital Center in Clarksburg.

“By my count, he took at least five independent steps to make sure that thing had no cheese on it,” Houston says. “And it did and almost cost him his life.”

Sadly, one of these steps did not include opening the lid to his murder burger and seeing if the luminous yellow concoction beneath was the cheese he was so concerned about or just extra mustard.

But hindsight is a wonderful thing. The report goes that at least two managers at the McDonald’s called the Jacksons afterward to apologize for what happened, Houston says.

A McDonald’s representatives offered to pay half of Jeromy’s medical bills, $700. Houston was then hired and McDonald’s offered to pay all the medical costs.

The plaintiffs weren’t interested. Thy filed a claim. The lawsuit seeks damages on two counts of negligence, one count of intentional infliction of emotional distress and one count of punitive damages.

Anorak has no desire to comment on cases under consideration. We can only look on with interest and set about finding legal representation for the matter of the chicken nugget that looked like Hillary Clinton modelling George At Asda’s summer beach range…

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