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EastEnders’ Hard Man Steve McFadden Attracts Other Hard Man

by | 12th, August 2007

phil-mitchell.jpgSTEVE McFadden is EastEnders’ hard man. He is very hard. If you like your men hard, you will like Steve.

McFadden, who has operated as a dogger in the north London carpark region, is as hard as they come.

“I’m only human, I snapped,” he tells the News Of The World. You can only get so hard before something breaks.

Hard Steve is in the pub. It is 10pm on Sunday, July 29. Steve is in Falmouth, Cornwall.

“I was in the Legion which is known as a club for members where you can go and have a quiet drink to avoid any trouble. I was there with my friend Tim and this geezer Michael attached himself to us. I’d never met this guy before,” says Steve.

Hard men attract other hard men.

“He was banging on and on and on and on. After about three-quarters of an hour we’d had a couple of beers and it was driving us mad. I didn’t want to go anywhere else but he was driving us mad so we left.”

And Michael followed.

“Suddenly we were walking in the doors of a pub opposite and he’s tagging along again, banging on and boring me rigid. He was talking complete rubbish and was p***ed,” says Steve.

“My friend Tim told him politely, ‘Do us a favour and leave us alone.’ He was being really polite and trying to calm him down. That’s what brought the worst out in me. I said, ‘Look he’s told ya to go away so just go away’. Suddenly I’m a human being who’s suddenly got an opinion. Previously I’d avoided any contact or talking to him and had just been nodding my head.”

And now: “Michael responded, ‘Who do you think you are? Coming down here and giving it the big ‘un’… You think you’re something special — a big hard man and all that. Come outside.’ I said, ‘Alright then’.”

It is an invitation no big hard man get refuse on a quiet night out in a seaside town.
What follows is unsuitable for a family newspaper, much less Anorak’s Sunday supplement.

And we leave it to your imagination as to what two hard men get up to in an alleyway outside a pub frequented by seafaring folk…

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