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Finding Medeleine McCann In A Woman’s Own Grief

by | 13th, August 2007

madeleine-mccann-pics.jpgTHIS is “KATE McCANN’S AGONY.” This is Kate McCann telling Mirror readers via the front page: “I’d rather know if Madeleine was dead than live in limbo.”

“This is worst kind of limbo,” says Kate McCann. “In our hearts we’d both rather know – even if that means we face the terrible truth that Madeleine might be dead. I simply don’t know.”

More watching the parents. We can empathise with their suffering. But can we ever understand?

“Until you’re in that situation you can’t even begin to imagine what it is that gets you out of bed. You just have to go on. And it doesn’t take the guilt away,” says Mrs McCann.

She’s talking not to the Mirror but to Women’s Own magazine. And the tone has shifted. This is not so much about finding Madeleine McCann as about understanding the missing girl’s mother.

Such a story keeps the child in the news, the initial aim of the McCanns’ media campaign. But it also invites us to feel for the parents. This is an appeal not to find Madeleine but not to judge the parents.

But the search for Madeleine goes on. And the papers have narrowed the search down:

MADELEINE: SHE IS ALIVE,” says the Express on its front page.

SHE MAY BE DEAD,” says the Sun’s lead headline.

At least readers don’t have to speculate over the state of Kate McCann…

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