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Monsoons For Morons: Plane Stupid Protest Against Freedom At Heathrow

by | 13th, August 2007

towerssign.jpgREMEMBER when freedom of choice was all the rage. Now choice is about ensuring other people make the right choice.

As the Independent’s Johann Hari says in a piece entitled “We should all be at Heathrow protesting”: “This week, two thousand people will gather at London’s Heathrow airport with tents and sleeping bags – not to EasyJet to the beach, but to alert their fellow citizens to the Weather of Mass Destruction we are unleashing.”

This protest – Camp for Climate Action – is organised by Plane Stupid. The premise is that the tourists who wish to have a terrific holiday abroad are stupid. The 2,000 in their tens are enlightened and here to show the stupid the way ahead. “Runways to ruin,” proclaims a banner.

“You are snobs, who sneer at working class people flying to Ibiza! No, we would love people to be able to take more cheap holidays, and to take them ourselves, if it wasn’t for the fact it will contribute to global disaster,” readers learn. “You are, The Times jeered, ‘dogmatic flat-earthists’ opposed to science! No, we are acting on the overwhelming scientific consensus.”

The Times chooses to call the prigs names. The prigs choose to set up camp in a field and educate the stupid.

The Indy tells us: “The two countries doomed to drown by global warming in my lifetime have already begun to disappear beneath the waves. Almost half of Bangladesh is under water as you read this, following monsoons four times more ferocious than they should be. Ten million people are now homeless in the region. In the Maldives, a series of massive swell waves stretching to 4.5 metres drowned 68 islands this spring.”

No little irony that the Maldives, that honeymoon trap is about to become a reef. Not great news for Bangladeshis. Perhaps if tourists went there the stupid would take more notice of such troubles?

“I have just been out on the borders of Darfur, meeting some of the survivors of the first global warming- triggered genocide,” writes Hari. Darfur is in the Sudan. It is unlikely the writer walked there or floated on stream of hot hair.
Chances are that he flew. But it wasn’t a holiday. No way. It was business. And this protest, staged in the summer months, is aimed at the fun-seeking flyer.
Perhaps if we were given less choice and just told what to do the protestors who exercise their civil liberties (“The Government has disgracefully encouraged the police to use powers introduced to deal with jihadi murderers against them”) would be happy?

Then we could all go camping, use a portable toilet and our left hands and be truly advanced and knowing…

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