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Best of British Teeth In Worst Celebrity Smiles

by | 13th, August 2007

amy-winehouse-teeth.jpgBRITISH teeth are not great. Lisa Simpson was shown “The Big Book of British Teeth” by her orthodontist.

I’m Not Obsessed has a collection of the worst celebrity teeth. We know Vera who runs the site. And she features the teeth of Amy Winehouse and Daniel Radcliffe. Winehouse has a missing tooth. The rest are white and even. Radcliffe has lots of teeth, albeit not brilliant white.

Their teeth look terrific. For those watching Americans, here are the worst celebrity teeth as told by the country that knows bad teeth when it sees them. No, make that the best celebrity teeth. They will never sell out. No dentist. No surrender.









Jamie Oliver – So much tongue, so little teeth

Tony Blair – Any wonder what came out of his mouth was utter rot?

Austin Powers – James Bond prototype

Kate Moss – White lines go away…

Viscount Linley – Queen Elizabeth’s nephew is Keeper of Ye Olde Royal Teeth. Neigh, neigh and thrice neigh

Ken Dodd – The Liverpudlian comic who never cracked America, but could crack Brazil nuts in the cheap seats

Zandra Rhodes says yellow is this year’s white, and next year’s black

Shane McGowan – Pogues’ frontman with the teeth to remove stones from horse’s hooves

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