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The Rogarians Are Here: Busman’s Holiday For Eastern Bloc Tourists

by | 14th, August 2007

bracing-britain.jpg“MORE than 8,000 East Europeans are coming every day,” says the Mail.
Says the Express: “650 arrive each day from EU states.” (Pic: Beau Do D’Or)

Happily, around 800,000 British households now own a second home abroad and the nation’s rain-soaked seaside boarding houses will be happy to take the new arrivals in.

But not all are here to stay. As the Mail reports, although around 600,000 East Europeans have moved to Blighty permanently since the EU expanded in May 2004, many of the arrivals are tourists and relatives en vacance.

“But no accurate record exists of how many of the visitors actually go home,” says the Mail. The fear is that the Poles are like the fabled Scots who went to Argentina in 1978 in search of glory and an experience and never returned.

The Mail looks at the Government’s £1.2billion electronic borders project (a Ken Bates-inspired electric fence). But it won’t be ready until 2014.

By then it may be too late and the number of Poles working here may exceed the number of Britishers lying in the sun over in Spain and Portugal.

And then there are the Rogarians, the Romanians and Bulgarians. The number of work permits handed out to Rogarians is limited to 20,000. But in the 12 months to June, around 210,000 people from Rogaria rolled into the UK.

Do they all stay? “One possibility is they are already investigating the jobs market ahead of any decision by the Government” to relax the quota, notes the Mail.

Looking for work? The swine!

One other possibility is that they are buying timeshare apartments in Tewkesbury – Where the Sea Comes to You!

Come to the UK – It’s bracing!

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