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Big Brother Winners Revealed

by | 15th, August 2007

brian-belo.jpgPSSST! Wanna know who’s in the final three of Big Brother?

The Star claims to know. Beneath a picture of Chanelle wearing some string over her primary sexual characteristics, the paper announces: “BIG BROTHER FINAL THREE REVEALED.”

And they are… Brian, Amanda and Samantha.

Congratulations to the Star on looking at the Betfair markets and picking the three favourites. Is there a school for this kind of investigative journalism?

The paper says they are “dead certs” to be the winning trio.

It also says that the show’s producers are “desperate” for Brian to be the show’s first black winner.

To date, Big Bother has had a gay winner (Brian Dowling), a transsexual winner (Nadia Almada), a special needs winner (Bez on the celebrity show), a disabled winner (Pete Bennett) and two blondes (Chantelle Houghton and Kate Lawler).

An insider says: “In light of everything that has happened with the Celebrity Big Brother race row in January it would be great if we could crown our first black winner.”

Or what about voting for Ziggy (out to 64-1) and Carole (in to 99-1) and getting a Jewish winner? Or voting for Gerry (119-1) and getting the show’s first ever gay Greek winner.

Or voting for Jonty (179-1) and thus enabling the authorities to keep an eye on his movements as he marks his celebrity in Spanking Night at The Embassy nightclub and meets the cast of Hollyoaks in the City in the flesh?

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Surely if Big Brother was so concerned about getting a black winner it would have put more than one black male in the house, and never inflicted the Charley horror show upon us?

And then there is the fact that Jade Goody, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara bullied Shilpa Shetty, who is Asian. Big Brother had two Asian housemate this season – Billi ‘Zoolander’ Bhatti and Nicky Maxwell.

To think that any of these housemates in any way represent a social group is terrifying. Does anyone look at Howard Brown from the Halifax bank ads singing “Extra” to the tune of “Sex Bomb”, and see a blow struck for equality and understanding? Is Gerry, as he once opined, the “raprosinteev of all greek gai man”?

Nothing of it. All Big Brother contestants are the same, at least they are when they leave the house to a chorus of boos, catcalls and offers to pose in lads mags…

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