Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Flies In Her Chopper

Amy Winehouse Flies In Her Chopper

by | 16th, August 2007

winehouse.jpgNO small irony that Amy Winehouse should end up in rehab. But she went of her own accord. And now she has left in a helicopter.

“Amy quits rehabs,” says the Sun’s front-page headline. And readers note that the singer remained in The Causeway for 48 hours.

Anorak has no idea how long it takes for a celebrity addict to exorcise their demons. This may be long enough.

And does rehab work? Reading though our notes we are hard pressed to find a success story. Pete Doherty’s rehab centre has a revolving door, so too that of Kerry Katona, Jade Goody and many, many more.

Rehab appears less of a medical centre than a rite of passage for any starlet.

One imagines the halls of Clouds are bedecked with pictures of the great and good. “It was mental,” says a signed photo of Michael Barrymore. “I often get mistaken for that b***h Lohan,” says a picture of Lindsay Lohan. “Is me turn for a penalty yet?” go the words on Paul Gascoigne’s framed portrait.

Until Celebrity Squares is restored to our TV screens and Dancing On Ice calls, agents will deliver their charges into rehab and so into the pages of the popular press.

So Winehouse has done rehab, something she said her daddy would never make her do.

But now, as the Sun says, father Mitch is considering having his bundle of wire-hair sectioned. He is said to have talked over seeking a restraining order against Amy’s husband Blake.

But here is Winehouse travelling by helicopter to Camden Town. She’s going for drink with her in-laws. Amy and Blake are off to another pub.

They’re having a drink. For therapeutic reasons…

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