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The Police Know Who Killed Madeleine McCann – Maybe

by | 16th, August 2007

mccann-portugal.jpg“MADELEINE: Police: We know who killed her.”

Sadly, the Express has been relying on press releases and Gerry McCann’s blog for its investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and has no idea who killed the child.

But the police know. This is the “dramatic new development”. This is what has been “sensationally alleged”. These are the “claims”.

The Express has been reading Diario de Noticias, a Portuguese newspaper. It says: “The investigators have their hands in ‘a lot of information’ and even know who is behind the death of Madeleine.”

It goes on: “The key to the mystery resides in the friends of the parents who ate dinner together that night.”

Good to see that when it comes to finger pointing and conspiracy, the Portuguese press are every bit as able as their British counterparts.

So much for the reports in Portugal. What of the police’s latest press briefing?

The Mail’s listening in. Chief inspector Olegario Sousa says new official suspects, known as arguidos, “may” soon be named.

“Depending on the result of [DNA tests] there could be a change in the procedural position of those involved or their could arise other people who until now are not known.”

It’s as if Donald Rumsfeld never went away.

The Mail’s front page offers: “MADDIE ‘DIED THE NIGHT SHE VANISHED’.” Although it might not be true. So if you see her in a Belgian bar, Malta or Morocco, tell the police.

And tell the parents, who remain the focus of the Mirror’s front-page report on Madeleine McCann. There is the “MADELEINE PARENTS’ BOMBSHELL – WE COULD BE COMING HOME WITHOUT HER.”

Says Kate McCann: “We know we will be going back and I guess one day we will wake up and it will be right.”

This seems less of bombshell than a pained and calm reaction to the awful truth that her daughter is missing and there has been no trace of her.

And no trace of her in the family’s holiday apartment. As the Times says on its front page: “EXCLUSIVE: DNA blood is not Madeleine’s.” (You can read the same story in the Sun.)

Inside the paper: “DNA test boosts parents’ hope that Madeleine is still alive.”

This is the blood on the wall of the room where Madeleine slept, the blood that had sections of the British press aghast and appalled at those bungling Portuguese police who had not spotted it sooner, the blood that had the press speculating on her dying in the room. That blood is not hers.

The minute spots of blood discovered by British sniffer dogs are of a man from the “northeast European subgroup”. And this is a result that is “72 per cent accurate”.

But there are to be more tests. More accuracy. And more drama…

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