Anorak News | Big Brother: Samanda Is Skating On Twin Ice

Big Brother: Samanda Is Skating On Twin Ice

by | 16th, August 2007

CAN you get pink ice? Just a question in light of the news that Samanda is being lined up for spot on TV’s pro-celebrity ice-skating show Dancing On Ice.
A source tells us: “It would be a case of skating on twin ice, not thin ice.”

That’s the kind of pun the twins can look forward to when they emerge screaming and shrieking from the house. They will then dance. Or push their chests together in a lads mag.

The girls are now 31- to win the show. Only Brian (7-4) can stop them and Amanda has gone to work on him. She has kissed Brian. And now she is not kissing him. As he moves in for the kill, Amanda retreats and blows an air kiss.

Amanda says Brian is “so cute”. He is “so sweet”. He is “really adorable”. These are not words girls use when describing a possible lover. Brian is friend material. Sweet is just another way of ripping Brian’s heart out and dancing on it.

Brian fancies Amanda. And now she is going cold on him. Will this affect how he behaves in the house?

If it does, Amanda could be in.

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