Anorak News | No Los: David Beckham Scores With Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes

No Los: David Beckham Scores With Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes

by | 17th, August 2007

chanelle.jpgCHANELLE Hayes is in Los Angeles. The Big Brother wannabe is on the prowl for Victoria Beckham.

But, as the Sun says, she has been “SNUBBED!” For shame!

“Chan tries to meet Posh in LA..but her idol isn’t interested,” says the Sun.

Chanelle is at the Los Angles Galaxy’s ground. Vicky is there to see Day-vid kick a ball. And Chanelle wants to meet her.

But she can’t get in to the VIP section. Unless that is you read the Star’s front page and learn: “BECKHAM SCORES WITH CHANELLE.” And: “And guess who’s not very happy.”

Turning to the “full story”, we learn that Chanelle was there in Los Angeles when David Beckham scored his first goal for his new club.

Chanelle went into “raptures”. But Her Poshness could muster only a “genteel clap”.

Let us not be too harsh on Posh. She has seen her husband score before, and read about his scoring in the News of the World and elsewhere.

Indeed, as Americans now know, Day-vid scores in every game he plays. He is a scoring machine.

Says an onlooker: “She clapped politely, like you’d expect to see someone clap a half-decent cricket shot.” Vicky clapped with her hands high in the air. She remained seated. Somerset CCC fans nod and smooth their travel rugs over aged knees.

But Chanelle: “What an amazing goal. I can’t believe how close I was, right behind the net.”

She then says this is her first ever football match. And so her first ever live goal.

Chanelle is interrupted by a fan. “I thought you were Victoria,” says this Galaxian, “but close up you’re younger and better looking.”

Chanelle continues to clap. She may even whoop. And Day-vid keeps on scoring…

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