Anorak News | Paul McCartney And Heather Mills Come Together Over Bea

Paul McCartney And Heather Mills Come Together Over Bea

by | 19th, August 2007

macca_.jpg“MACCA and Mucca come together without fighting… COME together, right now …over Bea.”

So says the News of the World, and readers see Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney beside the headline: “We have worked it out.”

Happy days indeed as the wobbly-headed popstar and the nation’s foremost baby oil enthusiast don’t have a fight or make threats via their lawyers as they stand by a car in railway station car park.

It is, as the NOTW, says it is, “sensational”.

“They met in New York for a handover of the daughter whose love is slowly melting the wall of ice between them in their multi-million-pound divorce war,” says the paper.

Readers learn: “At one point three-year-old Beatrice had her arms round the necks of both mummy and daddy—as if willing them back together in a family hug.”

Or trying to throttle them? Or smash their heads together? Or working out which one will pick her up?

There is room for confusion. And not wishing to mislead, the NOTW turns to clinical psychologist Dr Kristina Downing-Orr—“a top body language expert”.

“Considering what’s happened between them in the last year, their behaviour at this meeting is incredible,” she says. “They’re both nervous but that’s over-ridden by their love for Beatrice. And Paul looks very guarded, but I think that’s because he still loves her and is trying to stop her seeing that.”

And: “”I’m sure these pictures show they could still get back together.”

And second time around they will have every chance of making a go at it. Now that she’s got her own millions, money will no longer be an issue.

And they are both famous…

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