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Casey Batchelor’s Boy: Chelsea Captain John Terry’s No Kiss ‘N’ Tell

by | 19th, August 2007

casey-batchelor-3.jpgIN “A Casey of Blues for John”, the Star on Sunday shines a neon light on Casey Batchelor, “one striker England captain John Terry FAILED to get his hands on.”

Readers learn that “Terry tackled the busty beauty when they locked eyes in London celebrity haunt Embassy.”

It was studs up as Terry checks Casey out. Casey, 22 tells us: “I could see him staring at me from across the club.

“He looked like a handsome guy but I just wasn’t interested.

“Then he walked over and started to try and make conversation.

“I made some attempts to chat back but he quickly got the message. He admitted defeat and wandered off.

“That’s when the friend I was with said, ‘Don’t you know who that is? That’s John Terry, one of Britain’s biggest footballers’.

“I had no idea and I still didn’t care who he was.

“But he must have been stunned that a girl had knocked him back. I later saw loads of girls around him trying to get him to notice them.”

Casey does not care. And she is happy to tell the Star how little she cares and that she did not succumb to Terry’s tackle.

And her testimony makes us wonder if a kiss ‘n’ tell is a kiss ‘n’ tell if there is no kissing and only telling? Does flirting constitute a kiss? And what does it mean for men who go to lapdancing clubs and the dancers?

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