Anorak News | Horror Stories: ‘Woman Killed By Kick From Doctor’ And More…

Horror Stories: ‘Woman Killed By Kick From Doctor’ And More…

by | 19th, August 2007


“The e-mail plague driving workers out of their inboxes” – E-mail stress is upon us

“The hospital kitchens that will make you sick” – Nurse! Mr Hartle in Bed 435b (left side) needs a McDonald’s!


“I was too shy to tell the doctors my embarrassing symptoms – and it nearly killed me” – Andrew Main Wilson tells you about his constipation, diarrhoea and bowel cancer

“The classroom epidemic that makes nits seem nice. There’s no antidote and it’s running riot among our children” – Molluscum Contagiosum is coming to a face near you

PRESCRIPTIONS FOR DISASTER. A six-year-old given a steroid overdose. Cancer patients killed by drugs meant to save them. The grim toll of bungled prescriptions – and why you should always check what you’re taking”

The numbers:
“250,000 – the number of people in the UK thought to have gout”


Twitching eye? Could be multiples sclerosis
Drooping eyelid? Lung cancer
Bleeding guns? Leukaemia
Small, sharp teeth? Cancer

And many, many more…


“Pub violence has soared by half since 24-hours drinking” – In percentage terms, changing opening times from 11am to 11pm-ish to 24 hours has lowered the risk of violence per hour. Discuss.

“Why the late-30s are a man’s misery years”

“Are militants plotting to infiltrate Heathrow dressed as air crews” – Probably

“Hooked on junk food in the womb” – Researchers at Royal Veterinary College look at babies


“Unemployment rate is six times higher than official figures” – Says Office Of National Statistics

“Bin tax ‘will double fly-tipping’” – Incredible, we know

“Cut-price booze fuels teen thugs” – So do hooded tops

“As a new survey says the middle years are men’s most miserable” – British Market Research Bureau says life does get better (see Wednesday)

“He covered the house in graffiti and tried to push his mother down the stairs. Luke’s autism tore his family apart – so how did their love for him survive? MY SON THE MONSTER”


“Doctors warn blood pressure epidemic is ‘out of control’” – LIFESTYLE THAT IS KILLING US” – NIEN OUT OFTN Brtisn expect to suffer huigh blood pressure and be at rick of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure

“Killed by car window. Boy of five strangled as electric motor pushes glass against his neck”

“Delayed cord-cutting ‘may boost a new baby’s health’” – Turn the cord into apron strings

Woman killed by kick from doctor” – Doctor “accidentally kicks pensioner during examination. HEADLINE OF THE WEEK!

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