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The Campaign For Ginger Survival: Redheads Are Dying Out

by | 20th, August 2007

ginger-kids.jpgIN a move akin to ethnic cleansing and eugenics, the Mail reports that red heads are being purged.

The Mail (”Redheads hair today and gone tomorrow”) has seen a report in the National Geographic magazine that says red hair is dying out.

“Global intermingling” has reduced the chance of a red head meeting another read head. This means to a reduction in the opportunities for ginger-ginger mating.

In 100 years, there could be no gingers left, aside from a mating couple in a Chinese zoo.

But there is hope. The Mail says in Scotland the mutant ginger gene is present in 40 percent of the population. A whopping 13 per cent actually have red hair.

Gingers do not have to not move immediately, although property prices in Scotland can be less expensive than other parts, cheaper still once the gingers have moved in.

But the gingers should consider the possibility or turning Scotland into a Ginger Safari park, a place where gingers can be among their own and breed in relative freedom.

And if brunettes and blondes can pay a few pence to come and look, then so be it. If it secures ginger survival, it is but a small price to pay…

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