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Stupid V Crusty: The Heathrow Airport Intifada

by | 20th, August 2007

heathrow.jpg“CLASH OF The CRUSTIES,” says the Mirror as it shows a policeman pushing his thumb onto a man’s nose.

We wonder why the Mirror should resort to name calling. The protestors are not all crusty, just as people who go on holiday for fun are not all “Plane Stupid” (the name of one campaign group). As for the police being crusties, we would not like to comment what lurks beneath the helmet and the leather gloves.

And the police are on horses. They are seeking to “quell” the demonstrators intend on marching on the offices of BAA. They have “surrounded” a number of activists. The Express has a very nice picture of two officers in riot gear surrounding an activist but sticking a truncheon against her neck.

The campaigners have no hope of success. “I kept telling the police to calm down – that we had kids along with us,” says Sandra, 42.

Is this climate changes Intifada, the campaigners’ attempt to make the police look bad by sending out the nippers to throw stones while the snipers scooch around the back?

The protestors will never reach the offices, they must know that. Although the banner “Make Planes History” suggests a mindset that revels in masochism and miserable failure.

The police will win the battle. They can stand in a field for longer than the protestors. They will out crusty the crusties…

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