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Big Brother Samanda’s Sex Secrets Revealed (Again)

by | 20th, August 2007

big-brother-amanda-marchant.jpg“BIG Brother twins kinky sex shock.”

Did you know that Big Brother twin Sam Marchant is “hiding a sizzling bedroom secret”?

Is it that?

a) She has no fewer that seven Duran Duran posters on her ceiling
b) She likes to Bar-B-Q in bed
c) She dresses up for outfits from a sex shop

Of course, dear reader, you are versed in such thing and state with no hesitation “c”. And you are correct.

As the Star reports, the 19-year-old blonde likes to dress up as a naughty nurse, a bunny Girl and even a sexy Santa.

She may well wear all three outfits at once, such as that time the central heating broke down.

You see, we have read this front-page new before. When the girls entered the house some years ago, we read about Samanda’s PVC Santa outfits.

The Star says Sam once knocked herself out on the headboard during sex. It has told us this before.

After months in the Big Brother house, we have learnt nothing new about Samanda.

They may well be the first housemates to leave the show as they went in – screaming, shrieking and utterly unchanged in a pink tutu with mirrored bells on…

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