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Free Abu Hamza And Come Back Omar Bakri

by | 20th, August 2007

abu-hamza.jpgWE cannot but agree that Britain is under threat from Islamist terrorists.

But with “mad mullah” Omar Bakri overseas and “hook-handed” Abu Hamza behind bars, the country has lacked a wire-bearded, gurning loon to focus on. Who would be the new mad face of Britain’s jihadis?

But there has been no-one. Omar Brooks tried. He had the enthusiasm (“I want to be blown into pieces”) but he had only a wispy beard and lacked the verbal technique.

And so it is that we have mixed feelings about the news that Hamza could to free. Without a leader, Britain’s nutcases lack a face. No face means more fear. We need Hamza to reassure us that Islamists are nuts.

And the Express says “hook-handed” Abu Hamza could be back on the streets. Currently serving seven years for inciting murder and racial hatred, Hamza will qualify for parole next year.

Upon his release, US prosecutors hope to arrest him and charge him with terrorism offences.

But now there is trouble. An al-Qaeda supergrass has, apparently, refused to testify against the Finsbury Park firebrand. James Ujaama is charged with helping Hamza set up a terror camp in Oregon. But he is now said to be less than excited about telling tales on Hamza.

And if the US extradition case collapses and the parole board allows it, Hamza could go free.

Tory MP Patrick Mercer says the thought of Hamza on the streets once more is a “horrible prospect”.

But it is not. Hamza on the streets would give us something to focus on, the hook-handed, one-eyed lunatic would give us renewed hope that extremist are not all that hard to spot.

Hook-handed Hamza serves a purpose. And he can open tins and get stones out of horse hooves faster that you can say “Let’s kill everybody!”…

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