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Stoned In Seattle: Hempfest 2007

by | 20th, August 2007

hemp-dancer-seattle.jpgWHY do I think an event for stoenrs should be free? But it isn’t. American Pundit says it costs a donation of $5 to celebrate hemp by the Myrtle Edwards Park – “a slim strip of grass, driftwood, and a breakwater bracketed by genetic research institutes”.

“It’s a strange celebration and not only because the thousands attending are strange by birth, design and recent inhalation, but because the drug it celebrates is officially not in attendance. It’s like an Oktoberfest without the beer.”

The sign advertises a “DRUG FREE ZONE”. And no booze.

On a brighter note: “This woman [see pic] will only dance when you put money in her tip jar. After about ten minutes the donations dry up.”

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